About our company

We are a global payment processing service and solutions provider

About our company Quick Transfer

QuickTransfer is a payment gateway that provides local bank transfer and credit card solutions to all types of low and high risks merchants. We offer complete solutions where you can accept deposit and payout withdrawal.

QuickTransfer is experienced in handling hundreds of thousands of transactions daily, all the while maintaining the high standards of our business practice that upholds security, flexibility and reliability.

With QuickTransfer, we make payment processes easy for you, making sure to fortify the minute security and financial details, leaving you free to focus on what is important to your business – expanding and generating revenue.

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With Quick Transfer, we make payment processes easy for you
important to your business – expanding and generating revenue.

We offer a high capacity payment platform able to easily handle high volumes of traffic. Merchants are assured speedy and reliable service – translating into successful payment transactions, hundreds and thousands of satisfied customers and increased revenue.

Security & Accuracy

Our Risk & Fraud department utilizes necessary protection systems able to guard clients and customers against potential risks involved in the online ecommerce industry. Additionally, our payment technology platform fully complies with the global standards of PCI DSS.


QuickTransfer secure and scalable processing platform allows for utmost expediency while guaranteeing impregnable security. QuickTransfer’s secure and scalable processing platform allows for utmost expediency while guaranteeing impregnable security.


We are able to cater to all sorts of businesses, whether it be small family run firms and mid-sized businesses to large multi-national corporations.

About Us

We are a global payment gateway that provides processing service and solutions to all types of industries. We help clients to enter local markets by providing local catered payment currencies. In addition, our network help connects you with over local 1000+ banks.

Our robust payment platform is engineered to effortlessly handle high transaction volumes, facilitating hundreds of thousands of payments daily. This real-time processing ensures swift and hassle-free transactions for both you and your customers. Beyond managing extensive traffic, our system is adept at accommodating sudden surges in payment activity.

Furthermore, our technology is highly adaptable. It seamlessly integrates across various entities and territories, spanning from ecommerce to mobile platforms. It also readily accepts a diverse range of payment methods, both locally and globally. This includes international credit and debit cards, as well as non-card options, offering unparalleled convenience to your international clientele.

At Quick Transfer, we take pride in delivering excellence, efficiency, and security. Our Risk and Fraud department maintains round-the-clock vigilance, monitoring transactions to ensure your protection. Additionally, our advanced anti-fraud systems provide an extra layer of security. We assist both merchants and customers in minimizing the risk of fraud through rigorous procedures.

In the realm of data security, our systems employ cutting-edge encryption and tokenization technologies. These measures safeguard your customers' data without compromising the efficiency of transaction operations. Rest assured, with Quick Transfer, your transactions are not only convenient but also protected by state-of-the-art security measures.

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